High Five Friday

Linking up to Angela’s from Happy Fit Mama awesome High Five Friday idea today, and i am so very excited about it!!! 🙂

So 5 GOOD things that happened this week and I loved each one of them!

  1. Last night’s run home from work felt amazing (even though i was a little stiif physically) I loved how into to it I was mentally!
  2. Our visit to the science museum! Oh the joy of feeling like a 5 year old again…
  3. This INCREDIBLE yummy chocolate salted caramel tart – no more words necessary…
  4. My first 10 mile long run after a while and I was still standing – AND SMILING – afterwards! Huge win!
  5. Impromptu lunch run with a friend by the Thames river on a beautiful – freezing but – sunny day. These are always the best and since we don’t get much sun around here it was such an amazing run.


So these were my 5 highlights from the week! Thank you so much Happy Fit Mama for this amazing link up idea! Have an awesome weekend every one!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

6 thoughts on “High Five Friday

    1. Yeah it was dreamy!!! Thank YOU for the amazing idea! We need as much positivity and good news as w can get these days! Have an awesome weekend and stay warm cause I hear the weather in the states its getting really cold!


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